Shifa Box - The Perfect Gift


Product Overview

The perfect premium gift item for your loved ones. Revive the sunnah of giving gifts and start "Healing the Sunnah Way..."

What's inside?

  • 100ml Pure Raw Sidr Honey with a wooden honey dipper.
  • 50ml Palestinian Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • 25ml Ethiopian Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil.
  • 50ml Glass Bottle of Pure Zamzam Water from Makkah.
  • 7 Ajwa Dates - A Grade. Harvested this season from Madinah.
  • Miswak - Natural Toothbrush
  • Fortress of a Muslim - Deluxe Leather Version - Containing authentic dua's from the Qur'aan and Sunnah.

All brought together in a unique and exclusive branded wooden Box.

Size and Weight

Box size: 24cm x 14cm x 9cm

Weight: Approx. 1kg

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