Zamzam Water, Ajwa Dates & Fortress of a Muslim


Ramadhan Gift Pack.

Ramadan Gift Pack

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Celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with our premium Ramadan Gift Pack. Show your loved ones you care by giving them the gift of spiritual and physical nourishment. The pack features a large bottle of pure ZamZam Water (750ml), known for its healing properties and often consumed during Ramadan. It also includes a 500g bag of jumbo Ajwa dates, a soft and fruity variety that provides high energy and essential nutrients, perfect for breaking the fast. And to complete the gift, a Fortress of a Muslim Dua Book, a comprehensive guide to daily supplications and prayers. With this gift pack, you can send your well wishes and show your support for the special month of Ramadan.


Zam zam water

Premium Bottled ZamZam Water.