Ajwa Dates


Ajwa dates are a type of soft, sweet date that is native to the city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia. These dates are prized for their rich, creamy texture and their unique, slightly nutty flavor. Ajwa dates are a popular choice for snacking and are often eaten on their own or used as a natural sweetener in recipes. They are also believed to have numerous health benefits, including aiding in digestion, boosting the immune system, and helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Ajwa dates are a delicious and nutritious choice for anyone looking to add a healthy, natural snack to their diet.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “If somebody eats seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning, he will not be affected by poison or magic on that day till night." (Sahih Bukhari)

Ajwa dates have a number of health benefits, including:

  1. Aiding in digestion: Dates contain high amounts of fiber, which can help to promote healthy digestion.

  2. Boosting the immune system: Dates contain antioxidants, which can help to strengthen the immune system and protect against illness.

  3. Regulating blood sugar levels: Dates have a low glycemic index, meaning that they can help to regulate blood sugar levels and prevent spikes in blood sugar.

  4. Improving heart health: Dates contain antioxidants and potassium, which can help to lower blood pressure and improve overall heart health.

  5. Promoting healthy pregnancy: Dates are a rich source of iron, which is important for pregnant women to ensure proper fetal development.


  • Freshest Ajwa dates you will find in the UK.
  • Sealed in airtight 500g pouches for maximum freshness.
  • Organic, Jumbo Size, Grade A - Ajwa Dates harvested and shipped from Madinah Al-Munawarah. 

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