Ajwa Dates


Ajwa Dates are the most popular among Muslims today and there are many important reasons why, they are a delightfully soft and fruity, quite dark in colour and tend to be a more of dry variety of date from Saudi Arabia, that is actually cultivated in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah

The Prophet ﷺ said, “If somebody eats seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning, he will not be affected by poison or magic on that day till night." (Sahih Bukhari)
  • Freshest Ajwa dates you will find in the UK.
  • Sealed in airtight 500g pouches for maximum freshness.
  • Organic, Jumbo Size, Grade A - Ajwa Dates harvested and shipped from Madinah Al-Munawarah. 

Benefits of Ajwa dates

  • Ajwa dates are considered as a natural source of nutrition, they provide the body with a high percentage of minerals and vitamins e.g. Vitamin A, B1, B2 and B3 which are constructive ingredients for building body tissues and muscles.
  • Ajwa dates also help in pregnant women during delivery as they activate the womb muscles in the later months of pregnancy and help stimulate contractions at the time of delivery as well as minimising post-natal blooding.
  • Ajwa dates also help in healing the liver from many parasitic diseases and are beneficial in treating hepatitis as they contain vitamin B2.
  • Ajwa dates are a good appetiser and are the perfect natural sunnah snack.
They are good to use for the following things:
  • To prevent anaemia
  • For the treatment of hypertension.
  • For healthy bones.
  • For healthy skin and eyesight.
  • To treat dementia and fatigue.
  • To reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels (LDL) in the blood.
  • To protect the heart and the circulatory system.
  • For protection against atherosclerosis and heart problems, and for protein metabolism.

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