Sidr Honey + Wooden Dipper 212g


Sidr Honey is presented in a thick dark golden texture, with a very deep, sweet, slightly warm distinct honey smell.

What makes Sidr honey special?
Sidr honey is made from bees who only feed on the nectar of the Sidr tree. The Sidr tree is considered sacred and has been used as a natural medicine for centuries. 

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And your Lord inspired the bees, saying: "Take you habitations in the mountains and in the trees and in what they erect. (68) "Then, eat of all fruits, and follow the ways of your Lord made easy (for you)." There comes forth from their bellies, a drink of varying colour wherein is healing for men. Verily, in this is indeed a sign for people who think” [al-Nahl 16:68-69]

Sidr honey medicinal benefits:

  • HIGHLY POTENT – Accounts for its many medicinal qualities and its exquisite taste
  • PURE – Method of extraction of honey has remained traditional. No extra chemicals
  • RAW – The honey is kept unheated and raw, thus preserving enzymatic constituents
  • MEDICINAL – It is the best natural, alternate medicine and has been used for centuries.
  • ANTIOXIDANT – counteracting the damage caused to the body in the aging process and in triggering diseases such as arterial disease and cancer.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL – The effectiveness of the honey due to its high potency is being rediscovered by medical sciences in the use of alternate therapies to tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Sidr honey has been reported to be good for liver problems, stomach ulcers, respiratory infections, diseases resulting from malnutrition, digestive problems, constipation, eye diseases, infected wounds and burns, surgical wounds, promote speedy recovery after childbirth, facilitates menstruation, (with various plants) it can be used against epilepsy, strengthens the immune systems, to promote general health and vitality; treating sinuses, cold, sore throats, wound dressing, other stomach ailments, heart patients, stress, migraine, sleeplessness, hay fever, anaemia, osteoporosis, fatigue, hyperactivity, and much more…

Country of origin: Spain

Quantity: 212g

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